Why we develop a tea product

Hello, I am Yuki Shinohara, the president of nae Inc., which operates from. Today, I will tell you why we are developing a tea product.

I have been learning tea ceremony for more than eight years as a hobby.
In the tea ceremony, I enjoy finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

For example, I enjoy the change of light coming in through the window between the beginning and the end of the tea ceremony or the water drops on the flowers in the morning that have dried by the end of the tea ceremony.

Through this process, drinking matcha makes tea, which you usually drink quickly and easily, feel very special and allows you to experience tastes you have never noticed.


I have enjoyed these experiences so much that I have immersed myself in the world of the tea ceremony for over eight years and have been given the tea name Senju.

My tea master is also a sencha master.
This chakoro is based on Sencha's experience, which she taught me.

In the Sencha Tea ceremony, you enjoy drinking gyokuro (a premium green tea). The first time I drank a cup of sencha prepared by my tea master, I was shocked by the delicious taste and aroma of gyokuro, as if I had been electrocuted.
It was one of the most moving taste experiences of my life.

Green tea is very familiar to Japanese people, but this was the first time in my 20 years of living that I had ever experienced it.

I want to make this taste experience, which is not well known even among Japanese people, known not only in Japan but also to many people worldwide. I want people from all over the world to enjoy the extraordinary every day, which is one of the spirits of the tea ceremony, through this taste experience. This is what we want to express in chakoro.

While roasting green tea at chakoro, the flow of time slows down. In that time, please enjoy the extraordinary aspects of daily life that you have never noticed before. The color of the tea leaves changes during the roasting process, the flame flickers, and the aroma wafts. The color of the tea leaves, the flickering of the flame, and the wafting aroma of the tea leaves will add rich color to your living environment.

The squeeze-out kyusu used at chakoro is a kyusu shape that maximizes the aroma and flavor of gyokuro used in the sencha tea ceremony.
Please enjoy gyokuro with chakoro. It will indeed offer you a new taste experience.

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