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Kagurazaka Amazake 500ML

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Simple ingredients with the power of fermentation and elegant sweetness

Kagurazaka Amazake is an elegant tasting amazake made with only rice, rice malt, and water.



Gentle sweetness of koji mold

It has a firm koji sweetness and aroma, but is not too sweet, making it refreshing and easy to drink.


As a substitute for a snack

It has a moderate crushed texture, so it feels great on the tongue and down the throat.
It is very satisfying to drink and is a perfect substitute for a small snack.


The Power of Amazake, a "Drinking Drip"

Because it is rich in koji mold, which is good bacteria, and oligosaccharides and dietary fiber, which feed the good bacteria, it is expected to improve the intestinal environment.

In addition, the B vitamins and N-acetylglucosamine contained in rice malt will help keep your skin healthy.


Safe alcohol-free, sugar-free, additive-free

3 free of alcohol, sugar, and additives.
Anyone can drink it safely at any time.

Recommended way to drink

We recommend drinking it hot when you want to warm up from the inside out, or cool it down with ice when you want a refreshing drink.
It is also delicious with milk or soy milk.


Volume content
Raw materials
Rice, rice malt, water (Saiki City, Oita Prefecture)
Storage Method  Store in a cool place out of the sun.

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