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Vessels that shine with the handiwork of artisans

Inspired by an ancient Japanese pattern, this vessel is shaped like the outline of a flower.

The beauty of "Hikari," with its fragile shine of unevenly applied silver like a haze, is a highlight of the craftsman's handmade texture. Each piece is carefully shaped without waste, and after being placed in the kiln, it is coated with silver and placed back in the kiln. Please enjoy the texture and individuality of the handmade work.

※Not for Oven, microwave, and dishwasher


How HIKARI ASAGAO was created

The Kiwakoto tableware series is the result of a new type of collaboration between a craftsman and a graphic designer.

Click here to read more about the behind-the-scenes story behind the creation of this series.


Size & Weight  


Useful size for serving dishes and snack plates

※Size and weight are approximate dimensions. There are individual differences.

This product is available in four sizes, but only the smallest size (second from the bottom) is available.



Porcelain, silver powder (Kyoyaki, Kiyomizuyaki)



  • Silver powder is baked onto the vessel. It may discolor over time. Sulfurization may occur if hot food or wet food is left on the surface, resulting in a black discoloration. (It reacts especially to egg whites, vinegar, etc.) Even if it turns black, there is no effect on the human body.

  • In the case of discoloration due to aging, polishing with a commercially available silver polish or melamine sponge will restore the shine.

  • Please refrain from using bleach-based products.

  • When stacking vessels, placing a piece of kitchen paper between them will help prevent scratches.

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