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Hariyo's kaki vinegar, aged fresh pressed 100ml

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Pure kaki vinegar filled with living enzymes.

Hariyo's persimmon vinegar is a freshly pressed fermented vinegar made exclusively from kaki. Using an old-fashioned method, we extract the nutrients from the kaki through slow fermentation and maturation over a period of two years. Therefore, just like wine, the taste and aroma of each year's product has its own unique flavor and aroma. It is characterized by a mild and deep flavor, yet refreshing.

The 100 ml bottle comes in a dropper-type package that makes it easy to adjust the amount used. A 720ml bottle is also available.

How to eat

It can be enjoyed in a variety of situations in both Japanese and Western cuisine, such as drizzled over salads with olive oil, mixed with soda water as a drink, or poured over fried or grilled fish as a substitute for soy sauce.



Content by volume



Kaki(produced in Kaizu, Gifu Prefecture)


Storage Method

Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.


Since the wine is pressed by hand, there may be some cloudiness from dissolved kaki and some ochre (sediment) as with wine due to the high polyphenol content, but please be assured that there is no problem with quality.

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