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Tomaju Momotaro(yummy) 500ml

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Tomato juice to enjoy the difference in varieties. The standard flavor of Momotaro, a large tomato.

This tomato juice has a standard flavor using "Momotaro," large tomatoes with a good balance of acidity and sweetness. Tomatoes grown in fields in the wilderness of the Northern Alps with as little pesticides as possible are used. A special manufacturing process is used to ensure that the true flavor of the tomatoes can be enjoyed, and no salt or additives are used. Unmai" means "delicious" in the Hida dialect. 

180ml 1~2 Momotaro are used per jar.
500ml 5~6 Momotaro are used per jar.


Recommended serving

Momotaro has a refreshing, clean taste that goes down smoothly, making it the perfect morning brew to wake you up every morning.



  • The label may wrinkle due to moisture during shipping.

  • Bottles and labels may have small scratches due to rubbing between bottles during production or transportation. Please understand that this is not a quality problem.

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