Terms of service

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as"Terms of Use") stipulate the terms of use of this shop (including this website, hereinafter, the two are not particularly distinguished). This agreement applies to all customers who use this shop.

Agree to these Terms

By using this shop, you are deemed to have given valid and irrevocable consent to these Terms. Customers who do not agree to these terms cannot use this shop.


Those who wish to use this shop can apply for registration by the method specified by this shop after agreeing to this agreement, and if this shop approves this, it is possible to register for use of this shop. ..

Registration refusal

Our shop may not approve the application for registration if we judge that there is any of the following reasons. Our shop is not obligated to disclose the reason for refusal of registration.

・ When false matters are reported ・ When the application is made by a person who has violated this agreement ・ In addition, when the shop judges that the usage registration is not appropriate

Use by minors

If you are a minor, please use this shop with the consent of a legal representative. If a customer who starts using this shop without the consent of a legal agent reaches the age of majority, it will be deemed that he/she has confirmed the act of using the shop while he/she was a minor.

Manage login information

The customer shall manage the login information of this shop appropriately at his/her own risk. You may not assign or rent your login information to or share it with any third party under any circumstances. This shop does not take any responsibility for damages caused by the use of login information by a third party, unless the shop has intentional or gross negligence.


When you place an order for a product, your order will be an application for a contract to purchase the product for this shop. Our consent to the contract application from the customer will be established when the customer is notified by e-mail or other method notifying that the product has been shipped from the shop.

Cancel your order

We do not accept cancellation of orders due to customer's convenience.

Cancellation due to violation of this agreement, etc.

This shop shall be able to cancel the sales contract with the customer without notifying the customer in advance if the customer falls under any of the following reasons. In this case, our shop will not be liable for damages to the customer.

  • When the customer violates or may violate this agreement

  • If you have violated this agreement in the past or are related to it

  • In addition, when the shop determines that the relationship of trust between the shop and the customer has been damaged.

Rejection of receipt, etc.

If the customer does not accept the receipt of the product, the delivery address is unknown, or if delivery to the specified delivery address is not possible due to the customer's convenience, round-trip shipping fee, cash on delivery fee, return handling fee, product storage fee , Redelivery fee, content certification mail and other costs required for communication with the customer, packing material cost, labor cost required for shipping and return work will be the damage of this shop. Our shop can charge you for these costs. If the following period elapses from the date of non-receipt, the sales contract between this shop and the customer will be deemed to have been canceled due to the customer's convenience. In this case, the shop is exempt from the obligation to deliver the product, and the customer shall immediately pay the shop the amount equivalent to the price related to the product in addition to the above damage amount as a penalty.

Product storage period:7 days


We do not accept returns or exchanges. However, if the product is found to be a clearly defective product, within 3 days from the day after the receipt of the product, an email stating the specific reason for the defective product will be specified by this shop. We will only accept returns or exchanges if you send it to your email address and the email reaches our shop. Subsequent returns and exchanges will not be accepted for any reason.

Other rules for buying and selling goods

In addition to the above items listed in"Order","Cancellation of order","Cancellation due to violation of this agreement","Rejection of receipt","Return/Exchange", payment method of the product price sold by this shop, transfer time of ownership, The delivery method, cancellation method of purchase application, return method, etc. are based on the display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law and other methods separately determined by this shop.


This shop may issue its own points. Details in this case will be determined separately at the designated place of this shop.


This shop may issue its own virtual currency (hereinafter referred to as"this virtual currency"). This virtual currency will not be refunded at all unless otherwise specified by this shop or required by law. When this shop issues this virtual currency, the details will be determined separately at the designated place of this shop.

Delayed damages

Customers who are late in paying their financial obligations to the Shop shall pay the Shop the late damages at a rate of 14.6% per year.

Your post

You have the legal right to send the information contained in your post, and your post is a third party's intellectual property rights (copyrights, patents, utility model rights, trademarks). Infringement of rights, design rights (including the right to acquire those rights or apply for registration, etc. for those rights), ideas, know-how, etc., and the same shall apply hereinafter), property rights and other rights. We express and warrant to our shop that we have not done so. The copyright for your post is reserved by you. This shop does not acquire the copyright for your posts. However, to the extent necessary for the provision, maintenance, improvement or promotion of this shop, we can copy, adapt, automatically send to the public and send your posts for free, indefinitely and in a non-regional manner. It shall be possible to make a promotion. In this case, the customer shall not exercise the moral rights of the author against this shop and those who have inherited or licensed the rights from this shop. You are responsible for backing up your posts. Our shop does not undertake any obligation to back up your posts. You may not post any of the following information:

  • Information that infringes on the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy, honor, or other rights or interests of our shop or third parties

  • Information including personal information that can identify the customer (However, this does not apply when requested by this shop, such as when necessary for registration of use, or when otherwise approved by this shop).

  • Information including obscene expressions

  • Information for the purpose of encountering unfamiliar third parties or obscene acts, regardless of gender or same sex

  • Information that includes expressions that induce, solicit, or encourage suicide or self-harm

  • Information on buying and selling drugs/dangerous drugs or information containing expressions that encourage inappropriate use of drug/dangerous drugs

  • Information on religious conduct, religious groups, political activities, promotion or advertising of political groups

  • Information on solicitations related to network business

  • Information including text equivalent to junk mail and spam mail

  • Information that may adversely affect minors

  • Cruel expressions and other information that may cause discomfort to others

  • Information including malicious programs such as computer viruses

  • Other information that our shop deems inappropriate

Display ads

This shop may place advertisements of this shop or third parties on the website.

Prohibited matter

Customers must not do the following when using this shop.

  • Acts that violate or encourage legal, court decisions, decisions or orders, or legally binding administrative measures

  • Acts related to criminal acts

  • Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of this shop or a third party

  • Acts that infringe on the portrait rights, privacy, honor, or other rights or interests of our shop or third parties

  • Acts that overload the server or network of our shop or a third party or interfere with its normal operation

  • Acts that may interfere with the operation of the service of this shop

  • Unauthorized access or attempting this

  • The act of analyzing the source code of this service by disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, etc.

  • Unauthorized access to the system connected to this shop or unauthorized rewriting or erasing of information stored in our shop equipment

  • Acts of copying, transmitting, transferring, renting or modifying our website or software

  • Acts of lending, transferring, buying or selling the account or contents on this shop to a third party for a fee

  • The act of using the information obtained by this shop commercially

  • Acts aimed at gaining profits in connection with this shop in ways that our shop does not intend

  • Promotions, advertisements, solicitations, or business activities on this shop that our shop does not permit

  • Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information about other customers

  • Acts of using this shop for illegal, fraudulent or unreasonable purposes

  • Acts that cause disadvantage, damage or discomfort to other customers of our shop or other third parties

  • Acts of pretending to be another customer

  • Acts of using another customer's account

  • Acts aimed at meeting unfamiliar opposite sex

  • Acts that directly or indirectly benefit antisocial forces

  • Acts that violate public order and morals

  • Acts of using this shop while walking, driving a vehicle, or in other situations or modes where the use of this shop is inappropriate

  • Other acts that our shop deems inappropriate

Elimination of antisocial forces

The customer expresses that it does not fall under any one of the following items, and also expresses that it does not fall under any of the following items, and warrants it.

  • In the case of corporations and other organizations, their officers are included. They are gangsters, gangsters, those who have not been members of gangsters for less than five years, associate members of gangsters, companies related to gangsters, and general meetings. Being a shop, a social movement, etc., a goro, a special intelligent violent group, etc., or any other person equivalent to these (hereinafter collectively referred to as"gang members, etc.")

  • If the customer is a corporation or other organization, it must have a relationship in which it is recognized that the gangsters, etc. control the management.

  • If the customer is a corporation or other organization, the gangsters, etc. must have a relationship that is deemed to be substantially involved in management.

  • Having a relationship that is recognized as using gangsters, etc., such as conducting transactions for the purpose of gaining the wrongful profits of oneself or a third party or for the purpose of damaging a third party.

  • Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing facilities to gangsters, etc.

  • If the customer is a corporation or other organization, his/her officer or a person who is substantially involved in his/her management has a relationship that should be socially criticized with the gangsters, etc.

The customer warrants that he or she will not perform any of the following acts by himself or by using a third party.

  • Violent demands

  • Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility

  • Acts of threatening behavior or using violence in relation to transactions

  • Disseminating rumors, using counterfeiting, or using power to damage the credibility of our shop or interfere with our business.

  • Other acts equivalent to the previous items

usage limit

If the customer falls under any of the following, the shop may restrict the use of all or part of the shop to the customer or cancel the registration as a customer without prior notice. I will be able to do it. This shop does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the customer due to the actions taken by this shop based on this article.

  • If you violate any provision of this Agreement

  • When it turns out that there is a false fact in the registered matter

  • In case of default of financial obligation

  • If there is no response to the contact from our shop even after a considerable period of time has passed

  • If you do not use this shop for a considerable period from the last use date

  • When the shop determines that it is an antisocial force, etc., or that it has some kind of interaction or involvement with an antisocial force, etc.

  • In addition, if our shop determines that the use is not appropriate

Service suspension

If we determine that there is any of the following reasons, we may suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of the service without notifying the customer in advance. This shop shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the customer or a third party in this case.

  • When performing maintenance, inspection or updating of the computer system related to this shop

  • When it becomes difficult to provide this shop due to force majeure such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, power outage, natural disaster or virus spread.

  • When the computer or communication line stops due to an accident

  • In addition, when it is judged that it is difficult to provide this shop


The customer shall be able to cancel the usage registration and withdraw from this shop by the procedure specified by this shop.

Disclaimer of warranty

This shop does not guarantee that the content provided by this shop on the website does not include system bugs or infringement of the rights of third parties. Nor does it guarantee safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, or fitness for a particular purpose.


This shop does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the customer regarding the use of this shop. However, if the contract between this shop and the customer regarding this shop (including this agreement) is a consumer contract stipulated in the Consumer Contract Law, this disclaimer does not apply. Even if it falls under a consumer contract, this shop will cause damages caused by special circumstances among the damages caused to the customer due to the shop's negligence (excluding gross negligence) (damages caused by this shop or the customer). We do not take any responsibility for the foresight or the case where it can be foreseen. We are not responsible for any troubles that occur between you and other customers or third parties. The shop shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the customer regarding the use of the shop beyond the amount of money paid to the shop by the customer for the occurrence of such damages.

Change of service content

This shop may change the contents of this shop or discontinue or terminate the provision of this shop without notifying the customer. Our shop is not responsible for any damage caused to you by this.

Change of terms of use

This shop may change this agreement at any time without notifying the customer. The revised Terms shall be effective from the time they are posted on the shop's website. Customers who continue to use this shop after changing this agreement will be deemed to have agreed to the changed agreement.

Handling of personal information

The personal information of customers acquired by using this shop shall be handled appropriately in accordance with the privacy policy of this shop.

Notification or contact

Notification or communication between the customer and this shop shall be made by the method specified by this shop. Unless the customer reports a change in accordance with the method separately determined by the shop, the shop considers that the currently registered contact is valid and notifies or contacts the contact, and these are sent. At times it is considered to have reached the customer.

Assignment of rights and obligations

The customer may not assign the status under the usage contract or the rights or obligations based on this agreement to a third party or provide it as collateral without the prior written consent of this shop.

Business transfer

If the business related to this shop is transferred to another company (including all cases of business transfer, company split or other business transfer), the status under the usage contract, the rights based on this agreement and the rights based on this agreement will be associated with the business transfer. Obligations and customer information may be transferred to the transferee of the business transfer. You are deemed to have previously agreed to such transfer.

Applicable relationship

This agreement shall apply to all relationships related to the use of this shop between you and this shop. In addition to these terms, this shop may set rules for use. These rules, regardless of their name, shall form part of these Terms. In the event that these Terms conflict with these rules, these rules shall prevail.


If any provision of this Agreement or any part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, that judgment will not affect the other parts and the rest of this Agreement will remain valid and enforceable. Shall have power.

Governing law

In interpreting this agreement, Japanese law shall be the governing law.


In the event of a dispute regarding the use of this shop, the following district courts shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional courts of the first instance.

Tokyo District Court

Enacted on February 17, 2022